About ZAR

I am a Soweto born musical artist and visual storyteller based in Chiawelo, Soweto, South Africa. Although I am a qualified graphic designer, music and visuals have been a part of my life as far as childhood, mums said I used to like singing and drawing from as early as 2 years. In High School, I joined the school choir which I enjoyed very much but my uniqueness led me to ciphers, rap battle events. That didn’t interest either, I knew I wanted to do something different. While studying at Boston Media House, I discovered the power of using visuals and any other type of medium to express self-awareness and storytelling. Music is now how I choose to live my life, I cannot live without music, or creating music and learning more. This is where I find peace and joy.

My work focuses on telling it like it is, like I can ever do that justice, but as I grow in this journey I try not so hard to become relatable without loosing my authentic self expressionism. I am different and I love it, this is why I choose to keep doing this!

Book me through this email; bookings@thecreator.co.za